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New Nirvana Community [23 Mar 2005|12:57pm]

Who says you can't be a member of two communities? Join _nirvanafans
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[02 Jan 2005|04:58pm]

Name: Jessika
Age: 18
How long have you been a nirvana fan: About 10 years
Did kurt cobain kill himself: HELL NO!
Whats your fav. nirvana song: Heart-shaped box or Silver
How many nirvana cd's do you own: 6
Have you heard the song YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHT: Yessum
10+ bands: Well then, here it goes....
1. Niravna
2. A Perfect Circle
3. H.I.M.
4. led Zeppelin
5. Oasis
6. Soundgarden
7. Stone Temple Pilots
8. Staind
9. Pearl Jam
10. The Cure

5+ books:
1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
2. Speak
3. What Happened to Lani Garver?
4. The Great Gaspy
5. Portrait of a Killer: The Story of Jack the Ripper

1. Nevermind - Nirvana
2. Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights - H.I.M.
3. Fallen - Evanescence

Who was the best drummer for nirvana: Dave Grohl
What do you think of Bush: Uh, I think he's doing a better job than kerry... *shivers*
How about kerry: yucky. *shiver*
now promote us in 3 differnt places and link it:

show 3 pictures of yourself:
Will put pics up as soon as the stupid photobucket thingy works. :-/
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Kurt was murdered... [02 Jan 2005|02:48pm]

In a daze cause I found God...Collapse )
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[02 Jan 2005|11:24am]

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i am the mod of this communty thing so promote promote promote!

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